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About me...
Love... the soul of my Life

          I am having my Mom, Dad & Three Sisters & Two brothers in my family. I love my family. We are not only just a typical brother & sister but also very good friends. Many times we fight with each other but we are habitual of having fun of each other that’s why we can’t stop ourselves & then patch-up again.
          Oh! I remember one incident, it was a vacation time & I was very tired after exams & I wanted to wake-up late during vacations.
          As far as my parents are concern, oh !! I really don’t know what should I say about them. But one thing which I really know that whatever I am today is just because of them. My dad is Forest Ranger at Varanasi in India. that’s why dad spends his most of time away from us, but dad is always close to our hearts. when he is being with us we all have great time & also lot’s of fun. But whenever dad is not with us I miss him.
          In the absence of my dad my mom give us lot’s of love & she cares us in such a manner that we never feel extreme absence of Dad. She is having most importance in my life, "I love you Mom". I always feel lucky about my self for having such a loving parents. If I start writing more about my family then my vocabulary will not be enough. Thank you God for giving me such a loving family.

Turning point in my Life.....
          When I was in 8th Grade, while playing Cricket one guy fought with me. I can't tell you the reason because it will take long time, any ways when I turned he hit Cricket bat on the backside of my head. That time I was badly injured. I was admitted in Hospital. I had four stitches in my head, I was surviving in between life & death, but by the grace of god & good wishes of my friends & family, I was saved. But it's true that time I saw the face of Death very closely. It became the turning point of my life. It changed my view towards life. Today I know the importance of life. I want to make proper use of every second in my life which to come. That's why I always try to make every one happy. I Love people & Always try to give them lot's of love cause this is way I can get love from them. Today every single relationship is very important.

          I know now you people are feeling some sort of relaxation. Love is very interesting topic, isn't it? I know many people in the world have given various definations, various quotes & we can find many writings about love, But for me "Love is a very sweet Emotion & deep Sentimental Feeling which feel the Hearts" & My feeling of heart says that "To feel Love is more important then actual doing love". And I honestly believe, truly or wrongly, that the real love should begin from heart. After spending time with that person if u start liking his Thoughts, his Behavior, his Personality & his Attitude, then you actually like that person & finally fall in love with him. "That's Ideal Love".
          Once we love some one we must be very honest about that person. Without honestly, without understanding & without respect for each other there is no love. Actually Love is unselfish, understanding & kind for it sees with it's Heart & not with Mind.
"Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise."
          I know many time in love we get lot's of pain, but about this my inspiration Mr.Shah Rukh Khan told in his movie.
"Love is just like Life, not always easy & does not always bring happiness,
But when we do not stop Living, So why should we stop loving."
          We all think that there is lot's of scarcity of love in the world but Love is in various forms & everywhere in the world, but if you ask me "where is Love?" then my answer will be "Love is in our hearts". Actually people try to find love in different places, but as I said love is in our hearts, we just have to give love to other people and that's the only way to get love from them. That time we can't feel scarcity of love.
          "Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."
          I know you people are thinking that, this person who is giving us lecture about love, does he love some body?, does he has any g/f?. You really want the answer then you should ask me personally or whenever I will be online on Net. I promise I will answer your questions.

About Friendship.....
          Friendship means lot to me, actually it means more than any other relation, when you will read the 3rd page of this web site you will have exact idea what is friendship & friends for me. There are some thought about friendship which I want to share with you people.
          Friendship is a rainbow between to hearts of friend, every colour of rainbow indicate different emotions, And through which we can exchange our feelings, our thoughts & all happening in our lives. Friends are a very precious Diamonds for me in my Life, If once we lose them, it is very difficult to gain them again.
          "Friends are like television. Some are like PBS and always asking for money. Others are like the news, with sad tales to tell everyday, some are like that one station with the foreign language; you don't understand a word of it but you listen and watch anyway. And then there are the ones like the commercials, always changes, ever-so-annoying and only seem to be there when you are bored. But every once and a while you meet someone who's like a really good movie of the week or that one tv show you hardly ever get to see anymore because you're so busy. My point is hold on to the friends you care about and since we don't have a remote control to mute someone or just change the channel, pick your friends carefully."

About Life.....
          Let’s not talk about what people think about life, but my thinking about life is quite different. I think life like a blank paper, which is given to us at the time of our birth by God, fate is our Pen & it’s in our hand. It’s up to us what we want to write on that paper, good things or bad things, make the paper attractive or make it dirty. Because when we will die God will collect the paper & read what we have written on it, is it attractive or dirty? After viewing the paper He shall decide what we are able to get "The beautiful Heaven" or "The Painful Hell".
          In the world, People will remember us for our good deeds or also for bad deeds. But if we have done Good Deeds then our lives will Ideal for others & we will be respected by the people for a long time even after our death.
          Every new day brings certain new things in our lives. Almost everything in the world & also we can fine the same qualities in Human beings viz., negative as well as positive points, certain good qualities & certain bad. Whatever we have in our lives & whatever we see things around us we should always collect or try to accept only good points from them, we should not waste our time in the discussion about bad points. We should ignore those bad points, but just only because of those bad points we should not hesitate to accept good points from them.
          Many people in the world think that the enjoyment of life is in Drinking, Smoking & using different Drugs. But I wanna tell them that these things are injurious to health & Vile not more then that. We can enjoy our lives in very simple manner. Simplicity it's has it self unique indentity. Actually enjoyment of life is hidden in different small small things surrounding to us. But many times we fell to see it. But if we want to enjoy our lives in safe manner that we should make a habit to find out enjoyment in our surrounding, like our friends, our family etc. That will be the better way of living lives.
          In our lives, without love we can not form any relationship & without relations in life, Life is not worth to live. Foundation of Ideal life is love. After all "Love means More". "Life is very small so Just bring lot's & lot's of LOVE in your life & make your world real 'LOVEWORLD', to make our world 'LOVEWORLD' we should 1st love the 'Love' & respect the 'love'"
          "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and a richness to life that nothing else can bring."



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