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About me...
Love... the soul of my Life

About my School days:
          I would really like to tell you about my school days. In my complete life span I have changed 3-4 schools. My school days are golden days of my life. There are many bad & sweet memories attached to my school days & about my School friends. Whenever I Start thinking about my those days I smile comes on my face. I was not excellent in studies but I was quite better then an average student. I always got 60-65 percent in school examination. I was only favourite of 2 teachers & I also love them very much. You must have got the idea that I was not able to attach my self to studies.
          I was quite good in sports. I took part in many sports events. My drawing is also good that’s the reason I always took part in many drawing competition. I received my trophies & certificates for my talent. We all friends were very interested in plays that are why my friends & me took part in Annual Functions & Competitions. That time I was also engaged in getting education of karate, but after 8 months due to some reasons I stop my karate education.
          When I was in school I had less interest in studies because I was much more interested in hanging out with friends & having fun with them. I had couple of good friends. we always play many games like chess, cricket other many games after school till evening, & if any teacher gets angry on us we use to leave the school ground but we join another ground, Ground which is situated near our school. Sometimes we use to rob mangoes from the garden next to our school. Some friends of mine had been caught by the Gardener but I never been. But I remember one incident when I was being in trouble.
          One day when we were robbing mangoes the Gardener came my friends saw him & they all ran but I didn't because did not see him while coming. When he was some distance away from me that time I saw him & I start running, he was also following me I climbed the Garden wall & Jumped. As soon as I touched the ground I fall & I was little injured & my one shoe was badly toned. Gardener was coming closer & closer to me, My friends were shouting "Come on Navaneet!! Get up, Run!", "Come on Navaneet!! Get up, Run!" That time I removed my one shoe & start running again with my complete boast.
          When my friends & me out side the reach of that gardener, we took a deep breathe. As soon as they saw me, they started laughing. When I realized that I was running with one shoe, I also started laughing. I remember my friends told me that I was looking Stupid while running with one shoe. I know you have visualized the scene, tell me was I looking really that stupid?
          We also did many funny things in school & also outside the school. Many times we got punishment in front of all school students in the assembly. During school days I was always found in many controversies, hey! But I m not going to tell you about those controversies. But that time also my friends helped me to come out of all those things. We all were sharing each others joys & sorrows. We always try to understand each others feelings. But everybody knew that it was our last year.

After S.S.C Examination.....
          There are many memories about my school days but it are not possible to mention all. After S.S.C exam(10th grade) we all friends were separated. I remember that day when we met last time, when we were in school to collect our S.S.C. results. When we met that time after a long vacation, we got very emotional, & we had also tears in our eyes. We knew that we are going to different colleges, also in different cities for getting education. & we have to chose different careers. While leaving from the school we hugged each other. After that the same thing happened my all friends joined different Colleges, some got admission in IIT, some in Polytechnic, some went in different cities for education purpose.

Time to chose my career.....

College Days.....
          I got admission in college, but I was missing my school friends very much because not a single school friend was with me. Now a days many of my school friends are getting education in other cities, some of them have got jobs also. That time we were keep in touch with each other with the help of Telephone, Mails & E-mails etc. but now a days many of them are very busy in their career, they have their busy lives, so many of them does not even mail now our lives are changed everybody is living their own lives & I am living my own. But " I am missing you my Friends". As usual what happens, I got some new friends in college. They all are very nice & fun loving, just like me. I made many friends in College, but very few of them are my best friends & close to my heart. And also beside college I again have very few best friends.
         . Now I am enjoying my college life with my college friends, we have little friends group. I am also giving quite importance to my studies . And college enjoyment & studies are going on......

About Computer Education.....
          I always take computer education as my Hobby. I really enjoy my computer education. I have done B.C.A. from Indira Gandhi Nationaly Open University.



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